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DORMIO e l'affondamento del sommergibile PIETRO MICCA

Platon Alexiades

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Can anyone provide information on the auxiliary DORMIO (F.81) which rescued the survivors of the submarine PIETRO MICCA on 29 July 1943?

I have not found any information on this vessel which I think was a small vessel, sometime described as "pilotina" sometime also referred as a tanker ("cisterna"). There was a merchant ship GIUSEPPE DORMIO (1007 GRT, 1904) but I think the DORMIO in question was a much smaller vessel. Thanks.



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According to our unique database called "Ghiglino's List", a very comprehensive list of WWII merchant vessels requisitioned by the Regia Marina, the outcome of painstaking research work done by Marco, in comparison to which the old Dr. Jung's Liste simply pales, there were two F.81s.


The first was ASTERIA, a cargo motor-vessel of 393 grt very briefly requisitioned from 1.6. to 1.7.1940, later sunk by German aircraft off Arbe island between 1. and 15.10.1943; the second was VINCENZO DORMIO, a 217 grt motor-vessel.


VINCENZO DORMIO, according to AIDMEN's "Repertorio di Marina Mercantile", another invaluable database put together by the late Ilo Barbensi and the very much alive (and kicking) Giorgio Spazzapan, was the former CESARE, a coastal cargo vessel completed in August 1917 as MARY BIRCH by W.H. Warren at New Holland (UK), yard no. 127, original owner G.F. Birch & Sons, 217 (or 228) grt, 172 tdw and 108 nrt, a 180 ihp and 96 nhp diesel engine, sold in 1925 as CESARE first to L. Martini and then to L'Argonauta SA di Navigaz., both of Genova. In 1933 to Ferrando & Massone of Genova, and in 1939 as VINCENZO DORMIO to Ditta Giuseppe Dormio of Monopoli (Bari). Survived the war, was re-engined in 1951 with a 300 hp diesel, was sold in 1964 to an unknown (Greek?) owner as KALITICHI.

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 Dal libro di Corrado Capone "Siamo fieri di voi, p. 140


Sommergibile PIETRO MICCA


Affondato il 29/7/1943, alle ore 06.05 circa, al largo di Santa Maria di Leuca. Silurato dal Smg. britannico "Trooper". Ha evitato con una pronta manovra il primo dei due siluri che gli sono stati lanciati contro ma, centrato a proravia dal secondo, va a fondo in pochi istanti. Si salvano solo 18 uomini sui 78 che comprendono l'equipaggio. I superstiti vengono raccolti dal "Bormio" che gli andava incontro per scortarlo in porto (il Comandante, T.V. Pasolo Scrobogna, dopo l'armistizio aderisce alla R.S.I. e viene destinato al comando di un nucleo della X Mas a Pola).


Affondano col battello


[segue l'elenco dei caduti].


Francesco M;attesini

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Dear Corto, Francesco and Franco,


Thank you all for your help.


Franco: the quotation by Capone referring to "Bormio" repeats a spelling mistake made by the IV Grupsom in its report. I am attaching signals from Marina Gallipoli and Marina Taranto referring to "Dormio". Also I have not found any reference at all to a "Bormio" in other files. I hope this helps clearing things up. After Francesco suggested that the full name was Vincenzo Dormio, I have also found a reference to an auxiliary minesweeper Vincenzo Dormio (R.109)[i believe the numbers were sometime changed?] armed with only a single 8mm machine gun but without a radio.


Many thanks again,






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DORMIO was sold in 1964 to Greek owners Karanikolaou & Vambaris and was registered in Piraeus (No 2453) as KALI TYCHI (meaning Good Luck).

There is a photo taken by Peter Boman in 1971 at http://digitaltmuseum.se/021015764997?query=kali%20tychi&pos=0#&gid=1&pid=1


She was later sold to Ath. Koutsogilas and under his own command she set sail on 25.7.75 from Volos to Heraklion with a cargo of iron. While leaving Pagasitikos gulf a leak became uncontrolled and the captain took her to the small port of Aghia Kyriaki in order to save her. However the efforts failed and she sunk next to the pier at a depth of 3-17 meters, where she remains.

There are many videos and photos of the wreck int he web like at this page: http://kostasladas.blogspot.gr/2010/10/youtube-video-player.html


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