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  1. Hello, On the subject of attacks on ships carrying PoWs, I have no specific comment on the Mario Roselli case as perhaps the pilot was unaware that the ship had a human cargo. However, I would point out a more serious case is that of Petrella (ex-Capo Pino) sunk by the submarine HMS Sportsman (Lt. R. Gatehouse, DSC, RN) on 8 February 1944. Gatehouse clearly saw the letters "POW" painted on the hull before he ordered the torpedoes fired. I quote from his patrol report: "He was unmistakably identified as the CAPO PINO and had P.O.W. in large white letters painted on his side."
  2. Hello, Anyone knows of relatives of the survivors and victims of her sinking? Also can someone supply detailed drawings of the ship? There is some interest in a documentary on the ship and her wreck. Many thanks, Platon
  3. Dear Francesco, Many thanks for the additional details. There is no doubt that she was sunk on 27 February 1941 at Split (and not in 1942). This is confirmed from SOE and Italian sources (Diario Supermarina). By a curious coincidence, I stumbled upon the Maritza mystery as I was checking an unrelated event. Maritza was not sabotaged at the same time as Senio but on 28 December 1940 at Sibenik. She was apparently damaged, probably not seriously as she was soon used to transport the Afrikakorps to Libya. At about the same time as Maritza, Esterina (558 GRT, built 1889) was also sabotaged at
  4. Anyone has more information on this incident? Senio (1.178 GRT, built 1878) was sunk by SOE agents and apparently they were arrested after the occupation of Yugoslavia. An Italian source states that Maritza was also damaged during the same action. To my knowledge Maritza was a German ship and was in Naples on that day. Incidentally, "Navi Mercantile Perdute" does not mention her loss. I assume that she was raised afterwards and repaired? Many thanks. Platon
  5. Hi Fabrizio, I am not aware of another bombardment of enemy positions during this period. The destroyers Strale and Dardo operated near Bardia during the night of 1/2 January 1941. However, their task was to intercept enemy vessels but they did not locate any. As they returned to Tobruk, Bardia was bombarded by a British naval squadron so they very narrowly missed a naval engagement. Italian destroyers and torpedo boats were mostly busy escorting transports in Libyan waters so other opportunities for a naval bombardment did not materialize. Best regards, Platon
  6. Hi Fabrizio, The naval unit was the torpedo boat Procione (C.C. Riccardo Imperiali) which shelled enemy positions at Marsa Luk (also spelled as Marsa Lucch) on the afternoon of 27.12.1940. Best regards, Platon
  7. Hello Antonino, I would be interested to see the photos you have and the newspapers extracts. I would also be interested in locating the Clio's report of this action. Neither Francesco Mattesini or I ever found it at the USMM. It is missing from the Clio's file. Unfortunately, as you may have surmised from the previous exchanges on this thread, Clio never sank Narval. The wreck of Narval was located by Micoperi in November 1957 near Kerkenah (Tunisia) and again visited by the French Navy in 1985 (I have been in contact with the Chief of Staff of the French Navy in the Mediterranean w
  8. Authors are not infallible. See attached extract from Diario Supermarina. See also: https://www.navy.gov.au/hmas-waterhen-i Best regards, Platon
  9. Hello, Tireremo Dritto was stopped and sunk by the destroyer HMAS Waterhen on the night of 25/26 December 1940 (not 1941) as she was proceeding to Bardia, her crew and passengers (in all 29) were captured. She was not sunk by a submarine. Best regards, Platon
  10. Dear Franco and Riccardo, Perhaps the best way to settle the controversy surrounding HMS Malaya on 9 July 1940 is to check her report (I have attached extracts). As you can see she opened fire at 1603 hours at 29,700 yards (27,150 metres) with four salvoes which fell short. Three more salvoes were fired at 1608 hours but again fell short. I am no expert on the battle of Punta Stilo but hope this will help. Cordialmente, Platon
  11. Many thanks MG for your kind words. It was a privilege to be part of the 2019 expedition and an unforgettable experience. Platon
  12. Dear Francesco, Thank you for the acknowledgment. Today the Malta Times published an article: https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/confirmed-wreck-off-malta-is-the-submarine-sunk-in-1942.870478 I am attaching a photo of the image of the wreck as reconstructed by the the 3D cameras. I expect the University of Malta to submit better ones on their site in the near future. I would also like to thank my friend Francesco Mattesini who wrote quite a bit on HMS Urge even though we did not always agree on her fate! He kept the story of this submarine alive and I am thankful for ve
  13. https://www.tvm.com.mt/en/news/exclusive-new-footage-confirms-hms-urge-is-the-submarine-outside-grand-harbour/ See the "Storia" section for more details. Platon
  14. In the last few days, a diving team led by Professor Timmy Gambin from the University of Malta have closely examined the wreck of HMS Urge which was found off Grand Harbour in 2019. They have brought back definite proof of her identity as the name of “URGE” could clearly be seen on the port side of the conning tower. The wreck is very deep (115 metres) making the dive difficult and the bottom time very short. https://www.tvm.com.mt/en/news/exclusive-new-footage-confirms-hms-urge-is-the-submarine-outside-grand-harbour/ Our thanks to Timmy and his team for a very difficult undertaking.
  15. I am sorry to hear that Theo has passed away. He was a fountain of knowledge and we had many exchanges. My belated condolences to his family. He is a great loss to all. Platon
  16. Dear Giuseppe, It is nice to know that in a way, Emilio Bianchi is returning to Alexandria after 80 years. Many thanks for the link! All the best, Platon
  17. Dear Giuseppe, Many thanks for the nice photographs! All the best, Platon
  18. Hello, I am looking for a photo of Versilia (591 GRT, 1880) sunk by HMS Torbay on 02.09.1943. Many thanks, Platon
  19. Thank you for the update Giuseppe! Cordialmente, Platon
  20. Thanks again to Danilo, Danijel and Culverin for the additional info. Platon
  21. Dear Francesco, Many thanks! You are a fountain of knowledge! All the best, Platon
  22. I would like to know any info on this ship which was apparently a Yugoslav prize. The book "Navi Mercantili Perdute" does not seem to shed light on its exact origin. Many thanks, Platon
  23. Caro Franco, Olinca is in Roumania: ca. 44°50'45" N, 29°30'50" E. The minefield of L 6 was laid from 44°45.5' N, 30°17.2' E, etc. Cordialmente, Platon
  24. Caro Franco, Many thanks for the information. I always look forward to your articles. Cordialmente, Platon
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