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Affondamento Adria 1 19.07.1918

Platon Alexiades

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The steamer ADRIA (not ADRIA I) of Sicilia S.A. di Navigazione a Vapore, Palermo (since June 1913), was the former ORTIGIA of Navigazione Generale Italiana, built in 1875 by Cantiere Luigi Orlando at Livorno, rated at 1,861 grt in 1896. She was requisitioned by the Regia Marina on 16 Sept. 1915, and was lost on 19 July 1918 off Cap Bon during a Tripoli to Palermo journey, with 34 fatalities on board.


Tomorrow I will post a detailed history of the ship from the book by Vittorio Marchi and Michele Cariello "Cantiere F.lli Orlando. 130 anni di storia dello stabilimento e delle sue costruzioni navali", Belforte Editore, Livorno, 1997, plus a short resumé from the "Repertorio di Marina Mercantile", the unpublished AIDMEN database by Giorgio Spazzapan. I shall also ask Giorgio if he has a photo.

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The ORTIGIA/ADRIA entry comes from AIDMEN's "Repertorio di Marina Mercantile", a private database prepared over the years, in this instance by Giorgio Spazzapan.


The story of the ship is from the Marchi & Cariello book about the Fratelli Orlando shipyard in Leghorn, while the picture comes from the book by Francesco Ogliari  & Lamberto Radogna "La Navigazione Generale Italiana. Le sue eredi - Le minori", Cavallotti Editori, Milano, 1977.





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Caro Platon


Da http://www.pietrigrandeguerra.it/voci-e-volti-dal-fronte-2/affondamenti-navi-grande-guerra-2/

Affondamenti Navi Grande Guerra | Pietri Grande Guerra

  • 19 Luglio 1918: affondamento piroscafo postale “Adria” nei pressi dello stretto di Sicilia, alle ore 6.45, silurato dal sommergibile UB-50. A bordo vi erano 53 persone dell’equipaggio (sopravvissuti 20) e 111 passeggeri (sopravvissuti 26). Vi perirono:
    • Casto Rocco (Albo Caduti: Cannoniere scelto C.R.E.M., nato a Racale, capitaneria di porto di Brindisi)
    • Fazio Giuseppe (di Antonino, nato a Sciacca, classe 1855)
    • Rallo Francesco Paolo (Albo Caduti: Marittimo, nato a Palermo, compartimento marittimo di Palermo)
  • Ricambio di cuore gli auguri
  • Cordiali saluti


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Hi Franco


I have come across this forum by chance, I would like to know if a passenger list is available as I believe my great uncle was on board the Adria when it sank. Certainly the date matches.

This would provide closure as to the events on that day a hundred years ago.

Thank you


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