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l'affondamento del GALILEA


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Dear Platon,


Augusto  De Toro tells me he would be interested in learning  about the full details of PROTEUS' sortie, including (if any) ULTRA intercepts in connection with the route of the March 28, 1942  important convoy from Patras to Brindisi (six transports, five escorts) of which GALILEA was a part.


If you can be of any help, I would appreciate it


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Dear Francesco,


I have sent you a Dropbox link to download the HMS Proteus patrol report and the ULTRA signals linked to the GALILEA convoy. I do not seem to find any direct connection between the ULTRA signals and the GALILEA sinking. The submarine received no direct information concerning her route although there was some awareness of the impending departure of the convoy. I will keep my eyes open if I can find something else.


All the best,



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