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The capture of the PONTE (articolo)


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Vi segnalo sul n.1-2/2022 della rivista the Legal history review un interessante articolo su una vicenda di era moderna (1599) sulla cattura della nave veneziana PONTE, "beccata" con  bandiera portoghese di cortesia a commerciare tra Cadice e il Brasile, dove il monopolio dei traffici era per l'appunto portoghese.

Ps. per responsabilità vicaria si intende responsabilità legale per azioni illecite commesse da qualcun altro.

vi metto tutti i riferimenti e l'abstract

Lubbers T. The capture of the Ponte: the development of vicarious liability of shipowners and its limitation in Roman-Dutch law. Legal History Review. 2022;90(1/2):1-45. doi:10.1163/15718190-20220012

Summary: In 1599, Dutch privateer Melchior van den Kerckhoven unlawfully captured the Venetian merchantman Ponte , which resulted in extensive legal proceedings before the Supreme Court of Holland, Zeeland and West-Friesland. The Ponte case soon became the centrepiece for discussions about vicarious liability of shipowners for unlawful acts of their shipmasters, and – more importantly – about limitation of this liability to (the value of) their ship and cargo. Within these discussions, a secondary role was reserved for the case arising from the capture of the French ship Levrette by a Dutch merchantman in 1610. Based on extensive archival research, the present article offers a detailed reconstruction of the facts and proceedings of the Ponte and the Levrette case, and sets out how these cases were employed by Roman-Dutch lawyers to give shape to limited liability of shipowners for unlawful acts of their shipmaster.



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