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Motoscafo armato silurante affondato a Chalkidiki


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ho un informazione come un Motoscafo armato silurante?  affondato a una costa a Chalikidiki.

Il nome dell Motoscafo e Alberta?

Dopo una indagine non esiste nessuno con questo nome.

Puo essere Tedesco?

Essistono nave con questo nome? Alberto o Alberta?

Scusa il mio cattivo italiano



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A ship named ALBERTA was indeed lost off Athos peninsula of Chalkidiki. She was not a M.A.S., but the French tanker ALBERTA.



She was torpedoed by HMS TORBAY on 6.6.41, went aground at Rabitt Islands (off Tenedos) but was refloated on 9.6 by a Turkish ship.

The two ships were attacked by TORBAY and the stricken ALBERTA was left adrift.

ALBERTA was again hit by TORBAY on 10.6, while 17 nautical miles east of Lemnos.

According to a Greek narative the wreck went aground at Kalamitsi Bay on 16.5.41 and was boarded by the local monks only to be found abandoned.

According to a German report the wreck capsized and sunk on 17.5

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