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Finnish Ladoga Flotilla on «Winter» War (November 1939 – March 1940)


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Vi segnalo che sul n.2/2016 di International naval Journal è stato pubblicato un articolo sulle operazioni 1939/40 sul Ladoga, autore Roman V. Lapshin. L'articolo è in russo, ma accompagnato da numerose foto. Questo l'abstract e di seguito il link (è in open access)




About the formation and the operations of the Soviet Ladoga Flotilla during the so-called «winter» Soviet-Finnish war of 1939–1940 years in the national publications was told repeatedly. About the actions of the enemy – the Finnish Navy on the lake is known less to the same publication, along with a number of errors in structure and size of the force, did not cover their participation in hostilities, the causes and the actual amount of losses and the effect of the Finnish fleet on the course of the fighting on the lake. If you rely solely on these publications, it seems as if due to winter freeze-up and early-war Finnish ships did not take a serious part in the events and had no impact on the course of the fight - but this is not so. As events unfolded and what they brought, and told in the proposed publication.

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