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Conon, the Persian Fleet and a Second Naval Campaign in 393 BC


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Segnalo a chi si interessa di storia antica che sul numero 1 del gennaio 2016 della rivista "Historia: Zeitschrift fur Alte Geschichte" è stato pubblicato un interessante articolo su Conone ammiraglio della flotta persiana nela guerra corinzia del IV sec. a.C.

L'autore è José Pascual


Questo l'abstract


This paper considers the possibility that Conon fought a second naval campaign, under his sole command, after he returned to Athens, in the summer of 393. Using part of the Persian fleet for this expedition, financed by the poleis of the Aegean, Conon would have crossed the islands to reach the Hellespont and sailed along the coast of Aeolis and Ionia. The campaign was known to the Persians, but it gave the Athenians control of the Hellespontine grain supply route and served as the basis for Spartan accusations and the justification for Conon's arrest by Tiribazus, the satrap of Lydia.

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