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dimensioni di due rimorchiatori


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Sto cercando le dimensioni di due rimorchiatori operati dalla Regia Marina nell'Egeo durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale:

1) NINO CHIESA (91 grt) Built 1910 or 1912, Tug owner Nicola Chiesa of Leghorn. Registered Livorno no.256. requisitioned by the Regia Marina on 11.5.1940 and on 1.6.1940 rated as the auxiliary minesweeper R 80. Captured 9.43 at Syros by Germans.

2) SAN CATALDO (180 Grt) Built 1932 (class Arzachena) Captured 9.43 by Germans.


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Hello Aris, 

you are touching a very delicate matter......no fate for those vessels is stated, just lost in Greece, and I'm sure you found something......please share!!!!!! 😊

NINO CHIESA was built in 1912 (previous name unknown), Registered in Livorno no 241. Unfortunately few details are known about this tug that was acquired only in 1940. Just the gross tonnage that was 90,91 GT. As far as I know, she was lost in Pireus on 11/01/44 due to air raid.

SAN CATALDO was belonging to Regia Marina, so no gross tonnage was given, but only displacement: 226 t (similar tugs had gross tonnage of about 100gt). Main dimensions were  24,9 x 6,0 x 2,8 meters.


Marco Ghiglino


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Hi Marco

Thank you for your reply. I have a small auxiliary named ACHILLEUS that appeared in the Greek Navy lists early after the war without any known previous history. In 1960 she was sold and became a passenger ship with dimensions 96 GRT, 26.4 x 5 meters. I suspect that she was a former Italian prize of war... I have compiled a list of ex Italian naval vessels but none fits those dimensions. SAN CATALDO was more wide. NINO CHIESA still remains a possibility...

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