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GRANDE FRANCIA scampato pericolo all'ultimo momento

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Roro ship disabled off Cherbourg

The GRANDE FRANCIA suffered engine failure in the afternoon of Nov 18, 2016, in the English Canal, 14 miles north of Cherbourg. The disabled vessel, loaded with vehicles and containers, started to drift towards the French coast with 4,5 knots in unfavourable weather. The semaphore of the National Marine in Hornet remarked the drift of the ship and reported it to the Maritime Préfecture. The salvage tug ABEILLE LIBERTE' (IMO: 9308699) was deployed by the Marine Operations Center of the Maritime Prefecture (COM) to assist the vessel. At 5.30 p.m., the GRANDE FRANCIA was 11 miles off the coast, when the tug reached the vessel. An inspection team of two officers from the tug boarded the casualty to assess the situation. The crew managed to fix the problem and restart the engine which had got water in the fuel system. The vessel resumed the voyage from a position five miles off the coast. It sailed in northeastern direction under the escort of the tug to ensure the durability of repairs. In the early evening it was confirmed there was no risk left, and the escort ended at the traffic Separation scheme of the Casquets. The GRANDE FRANCIA was enroute from Douala to Hamburg where she arrived today at 20:38.

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