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  1. Good morning Platon, 

     I just found a book inspired by an Italian soldier in Karpathos, during the second WW. His name was Sergio Gattullo, from Ruvo di Puglia, Bari (like other victims of the Petrella, from the 51 Division Siena ). The author of the book is some Manoli G. Cassoti, and the title is “Amara la Guerra, Dolce la vita”. Two points make the research of the book in the web difficult.

    1. The name Manoli G. Cassati, sounds like Italianization of a Greek name… not a correct name.

    2. The title is similar to “Dolce Egeo, Guerra amara”, by Gianni Baldi, very common and mentioned in other works, therefore is the book from Baldi, that comes on the web!

    Do you know something about Cassoti? Could you please help in sourcing the publisher? Thank you.  Michele

    PS For information, I arrived to this point, via "Il Tenentaki" by Massimo Marino Memola, son of Michele Memola, who lived a similar experience to the once of Gattullo, in Karpathos.

    1. Platon Alexiades

      Platon Alexiades

      Good morning Michele,

      Sorry but I do not know anything about this author or his book.

      Best regards,


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