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  1. Dear Francesco, Many thanks! You are a fountain of knowledge! All the best, Platon
  2. I would like to know any info on this ship which was apparently a Yugoslav prize. The book "Navi Mercantili Perdute" does not seem to shed light on its exact origin. Many thanks, Platon
  3. Caro Franco, Olinca is in Roumania: ca. 44°50'45" N, 29°30'50" E. The minefield of L 6 was laid from 44°45.5' N, 30°17.2' E, etc. Cordialmente, Platon
  4. Caro Franco, Many thanks for the information. I always look forward to your articles. Cordialmente, Platon
  5. Caro Franco, A very interesting article. I have a few questions: 1. Do you know on what date T.V. Enrico Lesen d'Aston was succeeded by C.F. Alberto Torri as Capo Squadriglia C.B.? [a little error in your text: in 1943 Torri had been commanding officer of the submarine Jalea not Dagabur (which he had left in June 1942)]. 2. Do you know the dates of changes of command for C.B.2 from T.V. Russo to S.T.V. Barbi? For C.B.3 from T.V. Sorrentino to S.T.V. Nardon? Many thanks, Platon
  6. I am looking for photographs of TV Pescatore, commanding officer of the submarine ACCIAIO for an article on the story of this submarine. I am also looking for photos of Italian submarine commanders and biographic details. I have collected some from the Fototeca of the Ufficio Storico and have read Uomini Della Marina" which has info on some of the commanders, so I am looking for sources beyond these. Many thanks. Platon
  7. Dear Francesco, Thank you for these details. Any chance of unearthing a more recent photo of this vessel? Number of victims? Some sources reports no survivors while others seem to infer that most of the crew survived. Best regards, Platon
  8. It appears that the wreck of this submarine was probably found. https://apnews.com/15a7061222add012d94cbc8dadfb112b?fbclid=IwAR3VUjeS1SB4iUVQssWz79AdbfEAd4VcQCBSi7DmQ_BuSDEtWgpzt4rUZC4 It seems that wreck discoveries are accelerating as boundaries of underwater exploration are pushed farther. Platon
  9. A French team has been exploring the wreck of the auxiliary Silvia Onorato (F.50, 207 GRT, 1895) sunk by HMS Safari off Corsica on 20.07.1943. There is a photo of her dated 1924 but they are looking for more recent photos and any information on this vessel and list of crew and victims. According to Lloyd her size was 140.5 x 21.3 x 11.9 feet (42.8 x 6.5 x 3.6 metres) and I know she was armed with one 76/40 gun and eight depth charges but little else. Many thanks, Platon
  10. Thank you Iskandar. It appears the wreck lost its bows, probably due to a torpedo from GREIF which finished her off. Best regards, Platon
  11. Dear Francesco, Indeed the design of the German "K" light cruisers was not successful and their operational life was very restricted with transporting troops to Norway perhaps the high point of their career. All the best, Platon
  12. The wreck of the German light cruiser KARLSRUHE was located. She had been sunk by the submarine HMS TRUANT (Lt. Cdr. C.H. Hutchinson, RN) on 9 April 1940, the same day Norway was invaded. Ten torpedoes had been fired but only one hit her stern and it was enough. https://www.statnett.no/en/about-statnett/news-and-press-releases/news-archive-2020/unique-discovery-on-the-seabed-wreck-of-sunken-wwii-warship-discovered-after-80-years An interesting find! Platon
  13. Hello, I have read most Italian submarine reports (all?) at the Ufficio Storico and do not remember one instance of a submarine using this Girosi device. Perhaps Franco Mattesini can confirm this? A curious idea though! Platon
  14. Thank you Marco for the info. Can anyone provide details of her life as GRS 251? I only have her at Brinsisi in March 1943. She may have been still there at the Armistice but I have no further information except for her being towed to the position off Barletta. Platon
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