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  1. Welcome Georgios, Italian submarines carried two periscopes, one attack and one search, as did most subs in most Navies. They served different purposes, the attack as its name implies was much more slender at the top with different lenses and was always used by the C O whilst approaching and attacking any shipping, an extremely vital and valuable piece of kit. The search periscope, usually the aft one, was used for everything else whether dived or surfaced and had very different lens configurations as it had many more functions including navigation fixing, sextant sometimes, vertical visi
  2. A book i highly recommend is... Bristol Beaufighter, author Jerry Scutts. Published 2004 by the Crowood Press, ISBN 1 86126 666 9 in English. OOP. In English. A most versatile and feared fighter, unless and until it was armed with torpedoes or rockets. For some obscure and irrational reason most believe it was a bomber. Maybe the clue is in the name. This fighter could easily be inverted whilst in flight but would invariably crash. That is pretty pointless. Some were lost in these circumstances with three crew. Draw your own conclusions. Bravado, boredom or both. The line b
  3. The sinking of Dagabur by HMS Wolverine, Cdr P W Gretton RN, is believed to be the first occasion when a submarine was first detected and duly sunk using RDF (Radar) before any visual sighting. The set used was Type 271 and involved cross fixes from 3 ships before Wolverine duly rammed and sank her quarry with no survivors.
  4. Hello, the launch card for Trento reads in black CAPITALS serif font- CANTIERI NAVALI ORLANDO SOCIETA ANONIMA LIVORNO VARO DELLA R.N.TRENTO 4 SETTEMBRE 1927 ANNO V. Plus a badge each for Livorno, Trento and Fascist Italy all in colour. Inside the 4 page card, 100mm x 168mm is an artist impression of Trento which is fairly representative as completed. Yes, the sabotage using sand on the slipway was not new and had been done elsewhere. Launch delays were quite common through many causes. Regards. Sean.
  5. The image includes four Royal Navy ships of Force A Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean mid July 1942 whilst preparing for operation Stab. From nearest to furthest is cruiser Birmingham, carrier Formidable, battleship Warspite and carrier Illustrious. Note how well Warspite's camouflage works with Illustrious beyond. There are at least four destroyers in the screen out of frame. The reason Mauritius is mentioned is it was from her the photograph was taken. Apologies for publishing in English in this Italian forum, translation is not accurate for me so i hope my future contributions will be
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