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relitto Silvia Onorato (affondato 20.07.1943)

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A French team has been exploring the wreck of the auxiliary Silvia Onorato (F.50, 207 GRT, 1895) sunk by HMS Safari off Corsica on 20.07.1943. There is a photo of her dated 1924 but they are looking for more recent photos and any information on this vessel and list of crew and victims. According to Lloyd her size was 140.5 x 21.3 x 11.9 feet (42.8 x 6.5 x 3.6 metres) and I know she was armed with one 76/40 gun and eight depth charges but little else.

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Built in 1895 by Ramage & Ferguson at Leith as the British yacht LADY SOPHIA, launch 9.5.1895  & completed 6.1895, 203 grt .  In 1918 acquired by the French Navy as the  patrol vessel LUCIOLE, service at Salonika, 300 t displacement, stricken 1920. In 1921 NINO PITTALUGA  for Pietro Pittaluga of Genova, converted into a cargo ship, 207 grt, 82 nrt, triple expansion engine, 324 ihp, one screw. In 1925 SILVIA ONORATO for Vincenzo Onorato of Naples, Requisitioned by the  Regia Marina on 31.5.1940 as the auxiliary escort vessel (pilotaggio Foraneo) F 50. Torpedoed while en route from Bastia to La Maddalena.

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